SSA Scam became number one scam in the the US

Author: scamfighter
Date: Dec 17, 2019

This year’s number one scam is turned out to be the Social Security Administration (SSA) scam.

These government impersonators (scammers) are highly dangerous as they can easily create a sense of fear, and manipulate you into giving them money or gift cards to avoid arrests. Scammers also like to make the situation so immediate that you can’t stop to check it out if their claim are true.

A couple of things to remember to avoid these scams:

  • Your Social Security Number is not about to be expired
  • The real Social Security Administration will never call you to threaten your benefits
  • Be suspicious of any call from a government agency asking for money or information. Government agencies don’t call you with threats, or promises of – or demands for – money. Scammers do.
  • Don’t trust caller ID – via caller ID spoofing it can be faked. Even if it might look like a real call, don’t trust it.
  • Never pay with a gift card or wire transfer. If someone tells you to pay this way, it’s a scam, because the real SSA will never ask you this.
  • Do a reverse check with the real agency. Look up their number on their official website. Call them to find out if they’re trying to reach you.
  • The FTC released a video about this type of scam, how it is run, which you can watch below:

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