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very Annoying

Do not rely on the area code they are calling from as a indication of where in the world the caller is located.  Collection companies use the same trick.  They buy numbers just like you can from Vonage, magicjack or some other provider that permits you a choice in where you want your number to be from.  I can get a 213 (Los Angeles downtown) number and I live in Oregon.

Robocall: "This is Sharon, your local Google specialist..." Gee, if you're so LOCAL, why isn't your phone number in my same time zone?

Missed Call

Get 3 - 4 calls from this number throughout a day.  Never leave a message. . .

678-339-4000 and 678-339-4400
are from either a retail store that sells and repairs Verizon Wireless phones OR they are Verizon Wireless corporate offices in Alpharetta GA.

Most likely, they are calling you about your bill, to troubleshoot your account or something like that. Still, I would NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANY CALLER. If you think they are legit, hang up and dial 611 from any Verizon handset for assistance.

I acquired this information because I had trouble with my phones and called their corporate offices to discuss my billing concerns and trouble with my phones.  These are the numbers they used to call me back.

Missed the call; no message was left.

called DNC number. Didn't answer, went to machine, no message

Machine random(?) dailing.

They called just after midnight last night, didn't leave a message.